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Welcome to Franklin Avenue School

Franklin Avenue School is a K-5 school located just off Route 20 also known as Franklin Street.  We are a proud neighborhood school where many of our students walk.  This connection to our neighborhood is important.

We believe a school is more than bricks and mortar (Franklin was built in 1955).  Our school is a place of learning for every child that attends.  It is satisfying to watch our students grow from the day they begin in Kindergarten to the day they leave us and head to the middle schools.  We hold our memories of each student close and celebrate the milestones in their lives as they graduate from vocational training, college, attain careers and come back to us with their own children.  Many students come back to see us and remember where it all began.

Our staff is committed to excellence and don’t stop until our students have what they need to become good citizens, great readers and strong learners.  We challenge our students through Project Based Learning (PBL) where students in grades 3 – 5 discover and work to investigate questions, problems and challenges in the science and social studies curricula.

We are strong supporters of our PBIS initiative.  PBIS is the acronym for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.  We launched successfully in September with our HEART program focused on eliminating some of the transition difficulties we saw in the hallways. In a positive way, we reminded students to show H-honor, E-effort, A-attitude, R-responsibility T-teamwork.  Students earned over 5,000 positive acknowledgements for their HEART behaviors.  We will continue our efforts this year and focus on kindness and respect for all.  

I have been at Franklin Avenue for twelve years, I am proud to have been the principal here for the last four years.  I invite and encourage you to stop in and see the great things that we are doing.  It is an honor to work with this dedicated staff and to support all the students at Franklin Avenue.  Together, we will accomplish great things.  I look forward to being part of this journey.

Frances St Peter, Principal

Telephone Number: (413)572-6424
Fax Number: (413) 564-3156 

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